Coal and Coke Test Equipment for Laboratories

The range of coal and coke tests carried out in a furnace or oven has grown over many years, and Carbolite Gero has responded to the requirements of each new standard by designing a furnace to suit the specific requirements of each test method.

As a result, Carbolite Gero products are frequently specified as the reference equipment used in coal laboratories, inspection companies, power plants and steelworks throughout the world.

The range includes international coal and coke testing and iron ore evaluation test methods, including ISO, ASTM, EN, BS, and DIN. If you have a question about a particular test method in a Carbolite Gero furnace, please do not hesitate to contact our application specialists.

Chamber Furnaces

  • Ashing Furnace AAF 11/3 & AAF 11/7

    Ashing Furnace AAF 11/3 & AAF 11/7
    • Max temp: 1100°C
    • Chamber volumes: 3 to 7 litres
    • Comply with ISO 1171:2010, ASTM D3174-04:2010, ASTM D4422
  • Annealing furnace ‑ GLO

    Annealing furnace ‑ GLO
    • Max temp: 600 - 1100 °C
    • Volume: 10 to 120 litres
    • For processes in which a specific atmosphere needs to be reliably maintained

Application Specific Furnaces