Precious Metals

The requirements of precious metals smelting and testing demand specially designed furnaces. Carbolite offers two dedicated ranges to meet these specific requirements.

The CF Cupellation Furnace range of furnaces is for the cupellation, or fire assay test, of precious metals, which is a standard test method used to define purity, permitting the application of an internationally recognised hallmark.

The SCF top loading crucible furnaces are specifically designed for the smelting of precious metals. 

Chamber Furnaces

Application Specific Furnaces

  • Cupellation Furnace ‑ CF

    Cupellation Furnace ‑ CF
    • Max temp: 1200 °C
    • Chamber volumes: 10 to 43 litres
    • Charge capacity of no. 8 cupels: 15, 24 or 50
    • Charge capacity of no. 6 cupels: 24, 32 or 72
  • Smelting Furnace ‑ SCF

    Smelting Furnace ‑ SCF
    • Max temp: 1400°C
    • Charge capacity: Up to 8 crucibles 120 mm OD x 180mm high or up to 48 crucibles 79 mm OD x 97 mm high