Tube furnace with eight zones - AZ



The AZ is a tube furnace consisting of eight independent heating zones. These zones can be used to generate temperature profiles along the heated length of the furnace.

The tube furnace is based on an F-type tube furnace. The heating elements consist of a CrFeAl alloy also known as APM. The APM wire has a diameter of 5 mm. The exposed CrFeAl heating coil is mounted on a ceramic fibre module creating a robust design. Low mass ceramic fibre insulation stores a minimum amount of heat that provides a high overall efficiency for heating and cooling the furnace.

With eight zones, thick insulation, and highly symmetric winding of the heating elements throughout the entire furnace, a uniformity of better than ± 5 K is achieved. A key advantage of the eight individually controlled zones is the expansion of the uniform length inside the furnace. Additionally, the temperature profi le can be precisely controlled for linear increases, peaks, or other user defined profiles.

One process well suited for the AZ tube furnace is chemical vapor deposition as a temperature gradient can be established in the furnace for evaporation of precursor material at the high temperature end zone and sublimation of the vapor onto the substrate at the cooler temperature end zone.

All zones are individually controlled and monitored with thermocouples. Thermocouples are extended through the insulation and positioned next to the heating elements with 3 m long cables. For additional protection, an independently dedicated thermocouple is attached to an over-temperature controller.

Application Examples

annealing, crystal growing, drying, Evaporation, sublimation, synthesis

Standard features

  • Eight-zone control for variable heating profiles
  • Gradients, linear increase/decrease etc. of temperature along the heated length
  • Extended uniform temperature distribution
  • Short heating and cooling rates
  • Automatic operation
  • Data recording for quality management

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • Cascade control
  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multi-segment programmers and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet communications

Technical details

View inside
  1. ceramic fibre insulation
  2. outer frame
  3. eight thermocouples for control
  4. usable volume

The ceramic fibre insulation is constructed in multiple layers and assembled with great care to ensure no gaps are present between each of the layers. The insulation layers are arranged with a specific overlap to provide excellent temperature uniformity inside the furnace.

The control module is very compact and built into the support frame of the furnace. A touch panel interface provides user-friendly and intuitive control of the furnace operating parameters.

No water cooling is necessary as the housing is spaced from the insulation such that it is cooled by convective cooling. The only instances that require water cooling are for use with cooled work tube flanges, i. e. to assemble a vacuum pumping unit.

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