New brochure: Custom Designed Ovens & Furnaces up to 3000 °C

Because Carbolite has full control of manufacturing from design to construction and market leading expertise in heating technology, adding customised modifications or producing fully bespoke products is a regular part of the service which Carbolite offers.

Carbolite has produced a brand new catalogue 'Custom Designed Ovens & Furnaces up to 3000°C'. This 72 page brochure comprehensively covers this bespoke service offered by Carbolite.

Some examples of modifications:

  • Fans
  • Mechanical changes
  • Instrumentation and performance validation for aerospace standard AMS2750E
  • Atmosphere control packages
  • Gas pre-heating
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Higher power heating elements
  • Access ports
  • Interior chamber construction
  • Viewing windows
  • Customer specified shelf locations and heavy duty shelves
  • Door modifications (sliding drawer, vertical lifting door, motorisation, interlocks)
  • Custom dimensions for chambers
  • Multiple temperature zone control
  • Programmable vacuum / partialvacuum & extraction
  • Tube furnace custom heated lengths and diameters
  • Modification for use in clean rooms
  • ... and many more!

Download your copy of the brochure:

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