New compact front and top-loading annealing furnaces

The new space saving annealing furnaces VGLO-Toploader 10/11-1G and the front loading mobile GLO 10/11-1G enable heat treatment with minimum usage of resources up to 1100°C under air or inert gases and up to 750°C under vacuum.

With an inner diameter of 250mm and a uniform zone of approximately 250mm the usable length for a customer’s sample is approximately 10 litres in both furnaces.

By using stainless steel radiation shields, high-grade insulation and two heating zones an excellent uniformity inside the retort is assured. The furnaces are fitted with a cascade control and the probe thermocouple is located immediately above the sample inside the retort to define the sample temperature precisely in all temperature ranges.

The furnaces are available in a manually controlled version as well as in a fully automated version with a Siemens PLC. In the manual version two Eurotherm controllers control the two heating zones and manually operated ball valves control the gas flow and the optional vacuum pumps. The automated version is controlled by a Siemens PLC with either a 19 inch touch panel or fully-fledged WinCC computer control.

Both furnaces come with one inert gas control as a standard; further gas controls are available. Carbolite Gero also offers a wide range of vacuum pumps such as membrane, rotary vane or turbo pumps as optional equipment.

Further options include a gas fired afterburner, a heated gas outlet and heated door. With these options all debinding products and pyrolysis products flow towards the after burner for depollution. Alternatively a water cooled condensation trap is available which can be easily removed and cleaned.


  • Maximum Temperature 1100°C
  • Front or top loader
  • Inert gas control for argon, nitrogen and formation gas
  • Vacuum capable up to 5 x 10-5 mbar (max. 750°C)
  • 10 litre usable space
  • Debinding and pyrolysis options available
  • Manual or fully automated version available

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