New Oven Suitable for Corrosion Tests with Viscous Liquids

CARBOLITE GERO has developed a new oven suitable for corrosion tests with viscous liquids, typically carried out in the petroleum and petrochemical industry to prepare the petrol for pipeline transportation.

The oven accepts and rotates up to 20 autoclaves. It is based on the model GP450A, a very robust industrial oven for applications up to 300 °C. The oven is equipped with an exhaust fan which quickly removes potential gases from the hot oven chamber. Inside the GP450B version a strong fan provides the required air circulation, thus ensuring optimum temperature homogeneity in the oven chamber. Over temperature protection protects the oven and its contents from excessive thermal stress.

The oven chamber of the basic model is equipped with two shafts which are mounted at different heights. They are designed for a load of 60 kg and can hold up to 10 autoclaves respectively. Each shaft has a special clamping fixture to which the steel cylinders are fixed easily, safely and with an even load distribution; they are each equipped with a variable speed motor. 

Further advantages of the system include the secure fixture of the autoclaves over a long time period at high temperatures and the possibility to easily change single reactors and to quickly regain the process temperature. For different viscosities or process designs the speed of the rotation mechanism can be adapted any time. Forced cooling at the end of the test is effected through a fresh air blower.

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