Coal & Coke Pilot Plant Testing Equipment

CSI-CSRSHO - Single Sole Heated OvenCRI - Coke Reactivity FurnaceCSR - Coke Strength after Reduction I-Tester/TumblerCTO 7 - Fixed Wall Coke Test OvenMWO 227 kg - Variable Width Moving Wall Coking Test OvenGK - Gray King Coke Test FurnaceIOR - Iron Ore Reducibility FurnaceIOT - Iron Ore TumblerGLO 40/11-1G - Coal Characterisation FurnaceLTD - Low Temperature Reduction - Disintegration of Iron Ore

Detailed information is available in our dedicated Coal, Coke & Iron Ore Testing Furnaces brochure (please download above).

Carbolite Gero has developed a range of coal and coke testing furnaces and ovens for proximate analysis to qualitatively assess or, quantitatively measure, the amount of moisture, ash, volatile matter and fixed carbon in coal samples. Other products are also available for the determination of coke reactivity, iron ore reducibility, ash fusibility, swelling number index, expansion and contraction of coal and caking properties.

The range of coal and coke tests carried out in a furnace or oven has grown over many years, and Carbolite Gero has responded to the requirements of each new standard by designing a product to suit the specific requirements of each test method.

The range includes bench top laboratory models for routine testing and large pilot plant scale products, some of which are unique to Carbolite Gero, such as the variable width hearth moving wall coking oven which can be found in coal research facilities as well as large steel producing plants around the world.

The Carbolite Gero range of products meets the requirements of the relevant international ISO, ASTM, EN, BS, and DIN test methods.

Pilot plant scale coal & coke test furnaces by Carbolite Gero include:

  • SHO - Single Sole Heated Oven
  • CRI - Coke Reactivity Furnace
  • CSR - Coke Strength after Reduction Furnace
  • CTO 7 - Fixed Wall Coke Test Oven
  • MWO - Moving Wall Coking Test Oven
  • GK - Gray King Coke Test Furnace
  • IOR - Iron Ore Reducibility Furnace
  • GLO - Coal Characterisation Furnace
  • LTD - Low Temperature Reduction Furnace

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