Coal & Coke Products - Standards Summary

The range of coal and coke tests carried out in a furnace or oven has grown over many years, and Carbolite Gero has responded to the requirements of each new standard by designing a furnace to suit the specific requirements of each test method.

The list below shows which Carbolite Gero model is suitable for which standard.

If you have a question about a particular test method in a Carbolite Gero furnace, also in case it is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact our application specialists. We will be able to supply a suitable solution to you.
ASTM StandardModel
ASTM D1857/D1857M-04(2010)CAF G5
ASTM D2013/D2013M-12CDLT
ASTM D2014-97SHO
ASTM D3173-11MFS/1
ASTM D3174-12AAF
ASTM D3175-11VMF
ASTM D5341/D5341M-14CRI / CSR
BS StandardModel
BS 1016-1:1973CDLT / CDHT
BS 1016-104.2:1991MFS/1
BS 1016-106.4.2:1996CFM
BS 1016-107.1:1991SNF
BS 1016-6&7:1977CFM
BS 501:2012SNF
BS 6043-2.20.1CRF/1
BS ISO StandardModel
BS ISO 1171:2010VMF
BS ISO 11722:2013MFS/1
BS ISO 13909-1:2001CDLT / CDHT
BS ISO 13909-2:2001CDLT / CDHT
BS ISO 13930:2015LTD
BS ISO 4695:2015IOR
BS ISO 4696-1:2015IOR / IOT
BS ISO 4696-2:2015IOR
BS ISO 4698:2007IOR
BS ISO 502:2015CSR
BS ISO 540:2008CAF G5
BS ISO 562:2010VMF
BS ISO 579:2013CDLT / CDHT
BS ISO 687:2010MFS/1
BS ISO 7215:2015GK
BS ISO 7992:2015GK
ISO StandardModel
ISO 12981-1:2000CRF/1
ISO 18894:2006CRI / CSR
ISO 351:1996CFM
ISO 609:1996CFM
Other StandardsModel
DD CEN/TS 15370-1:2006CAF G5
PD CEN/TR 15404:2010CAF G5