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PTC 12/20/150

The PTC thermocouple calibration furnace is designed to provide a high stability portable heat source for the calibration of thermocouples using the comparison method.

Standard features

  • 1200°C maximum operating temperature
  • High stability heat source with temperature range 400 to 1150°C
  • Accepts thermocouples up to 7.5mm diameter
  • Thermocouple is inserted & compared to the PTC 12/20's displayed temperature
  • PID temperature control & separate temperature display to 1.0°C resolution
  • The special work tube design provides better temperature uniformity than is typical for a furnace of this size
  • The metallic work tube is earthed for operator safety when testing metal sheathed mineral insulated mineral thermocouples
  • Rapid heat up and stabilisation makes it ideal for use in the laboratory or on site
  • Portable & self contained

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • Factory calibration certificate stating the error between the workspace temperature & the displayed value at 700°C, 900°C, & 1100°C
  • A UKAS traceable calibration certificate for customer defined setpoints is available
  • A UKAS calibrated thermocouple is available

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