Air Recirculating Oven - HRF

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HRF 7/22 with 3216P1 programmer and over-temperature options

The 750 °C HRF air recirculation ovens comprise two bench-mounted models and two floor-standing models.

Equipped with powerful fans and horizontal air-guides these models are intended to provide rapid heating with high thermal transfer to the chamber contents and high uniformity within the chamber.

These designs frequently form the base from which custom designed chambers with non-standard sizes or control configurations are made. HRF ovens are often supplied with modifications to enable heat treatment within AMS 2750E Nadcap compliant production environments.

Standard features

  • 750°C maximum operating temperature
  • 22, 45, 112 or 324 litre chamber volumes
  • Wire elements located in both sides of the chamber
  • Stainless steel liner
  • Combination of low thermal mass and refractory board insulation.
  • Carbolite Gero 301 controller, with single ramp to set-point & process timer

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • Over-temperature protection (recommended to protect valuable contents & for unattended operation)
  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multi-segment programmers and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet communications
  • Additional sets of shelves & runners

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