Ashing Furnace GSM

GSM 11/8

Max temp (°C) 1100
Heat-up time (mins) 70
Max continuous operating temp (°C) 1000
Internal H x W x D (mm)
120 x 175 x 345
External H x W x D (mm)
655 x 435 x 750
External with door open H x W x D (mm)
895 x 435 x 750
Dimensions: Height to top chimney (mm) 1060
Volume (litres) 8
Max power (W) 3050
Holding power (W) 1700
Thermocouple type K
Weight (kg) 57

Please note:
- Heat up rate is measured to 100°C below max, using an empty chamber
- Holding power is measured at continuous operating temperature
- The maximum depth to accommodate the door opening arc is 810mm
- Maximum power and heat up times based on a 240V supply

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