Data sheet


The nanodacTM in recorder only mode comprises a compact, sophisticated and economical paperless chart recorder / DAQ (digital acquisition) recorder. In this mode it must be used in combination with a conventional temperature controller. Up to 14 virtual channels for example performing averaging on the data.

Data is continuously logged into either a CSV (comma separated value) or UHH (Eurotherm Hydra History - a Eurotherm  proprietary secure data format) and can be archived onto an 8MB flash drive or using EtherNET to an IP address on a networked server.

Standard features

  • Clear full colour VGA display screen
  • Navigation via 4 push button controls
  • Clear text and numeric display in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish
  • Data can be displayed as bar graphs or line traces
  • 50MB internal memory and up to 8GB to USB memory stick
  • Data archiving to FTP server
  • Multiple language display
  • User configurable screens
  • 4 recording channels and up to 14 'vitual channels' for maths functions, min-max recording, channel averages, counters etc.
  • Real time clock

Options (specify these at time of order)

  • Option for a combined paperless chart recorder and set-point controller
  • Option for a combined paperless chart recorder and programmable recorder
  • Compatible USB memory stick
  • Cascade control using the sample temperature
  • Mobile data display via web browser through addition of a wireless router or connection to web server

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