Combined Furnace Racks

Three tube furnaces up to 1200°C in a safety cabinet with a common control boxFour HTR 11/75 Rotary Reactor Tube Furnaces in a space saving frame Four GHA 12/450 tube furnaces in a single rack and common control panelTwelve stacking PF 120 ovens with Nadcap compliance Three ovens with Nadcap compliance fitted into one frame and a common six channel chart recorder Two pairs of special tube furnaces, 12/230/450, built into a rack with gas system

Many Carbolite Gero standard furnaces and ovens, along with the control box, can be stacked or built into bespoke racks either for space saving purposes or to suit specific customer application.

If toxic processes are carried out, Carbolite Gero can offer safe containment on one or several products.

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