Advanced Loading Concepts

Custom made LHT 5/60 up to 500°C with special sliding tray for fast loading and unloading and enhanced recovery times2200°C HBTL 60 GR/22 furnace with graphite heating and insulation, bottom loading function and pivot bottom for ease of loading and unloadingAutomated fork lift for loading heavy loads. Manual and automated loading trolleys and fork lifts are available on request for all oven and furnace models.Chamber furnace divided into two halves on rails for tensile testing to meet customer’s specificationLarge industrial oven LGP 6/1000 up to 600°C with bespoke loading trolley and loading rackCustom built top and front loading fan convection oven up to 200°C for long samples up to 3300 mm long 

Loading trays and trolleys

On most oven and furnace models, for fast and convenient loading and unloading Carbolite Gero offers loading trays and trolleys to meet customer specifications. Fork lifts are also available for heavy loads.
To minimise the recovery time, special loading systems such as sliding trays for ovens up to 600°C can be used to insert the sample quickly into the preheated chamber of the oven without the need to open the door.

Bottom, front or top loading

For almost all temperature ranges up to 3000°C various ovens and furnaces with top, bottom or front loading access to the oven or furnace chamber are available. Based on these standard models further modifications can be made to meet customer requirements.

Larger sample weights

Industrial applications often require heavy loads for lean and cost efficient production. In most Carbolite Gero ovens and furnaces larger sample weights can be loaded by increasing the strength of the hearth or sidewalls. For ovens up to 600°C a standard range of heavy load options is available.

Motorised doors and opening mechanism

For ovens and furnaces combining automated loading or unloading mechanism Carbolite Gero offers motorised doors and opening mechanisms. The motorised doors can either be pneumatic or electrically driven. Activation of the doors may be either by a button on the control panel or a foot pedal.

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