Viewing Ports & Windows

Custom built split tensile test furnace with quartz glass viewing window up to 1100°CViewing port fitted in the centre of the parallel opening door of a 1700°C HTF 17/25 furnace CAF G5 furnace, designed to test ash fusibility up to 1600°C, fitted with a digital camera for fast and accurate fully automated image recording Pyrometer for temperature control up to 3000°C used in vacuum chamber furnacesSliding thermocouple for accurate temperature control below 1500°C when a pyrometer is fitted for temperature control up to 3000°CStandard PN 30 oven up to 300°C with optional exhaust fan, viewing window and interior light

Standard viewing ports and windows

For ovens up to 700°C several standard viewing port and window options are available. For non-gas tight ovens cable ports with 6, 36 or 48 mm diameter may be fitted in the side wall and windows in the oven door.

For most standard chamber furnaces up to 1800°C viewing ports fitted on the back wall or furnace roof are available on request.

Quartz glass windows up to 1100°C

For tube furnaces up to 1100°C quartz glass windows can be fitted on request.

Thermocouple and viewing ports

For most chamber furnaces up to 1800°C viewing ports made be fitted on the furnace door either with or without quartz glass windows (depending on the size). Thermocouple may also be fitted through the rear wall of most standard chamber furnaces. Calibration ports are also available.

Pyrometers up to 3000°C

Pyrometers are used for vacuum chamber furnaces above 2200°C for temperature control and are fitted as standard. In other furnaces, pyrometers can be fitted on request.

Sliding thermocouples up to 1500°C

The sliding thermocouple is a standard option for pyrometer controlled vacuum chamber furnaces and is located in the hot area of the furnace to control and monitor accurately the temperature up to 1500 °C. At temperatures above 1500 °C, the thermocouple automatically slides out of the hot zone and the pyrometer takes over temperature measurement.

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