Industrial Ovens

We stock a range of industrial ovens for batch processing. Our industrial oven models are available with temperatures up to 750°C and volumes up to more than 13,000 litres, meeting the demands for different industrial applications and customer requirements.

The design is characterized by robust construction and lasting materials, making the industrial oven range ideal for heavy duty applications. Each industrial oven may be built and supplied with a wide range of options, including over-temperature protection, loading and handling mechanisms or advanced temperature control systems.

Industrial Oven Details

Typical applications of our industrial ovens including drying, baking, or curing components. Further to these applications all of the industrial ovens that we offer can be highly customised, and are therefore able to completely fulfil the demanding requirements of many different industries.

For applications such as AMS 2750E heat treatment under Nadcap our general purpose industrial oven, high temperature industrial oven, and large general purpose industrial oven can all be modified at the order stage to included sophisticated control systems and data recording.

Our rapid cooling industrial oven is perfect for tempering and annealing applications including, but not limited to, annealing thermo-luminescent dosimeters. The 3508P1 programmable controller this industrial oven is fitted with provides precise control over the rate of temperature rise or fall and the period of time over which a particular temperature is held.

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