Tube Furnace Mounting Configurations

Carbolite Gero supplies a wide range of tube furnace mounting configurations, suiting any customer specification.

NEW: Angle adjustment option for flexible operation

The angle adjustment option for flexible operation is a comfortable and time-saving way to easily turn the furnace tube into vertical, horizontal or angled position.

It is the perfect mounting option for labs performing heating applications that require different alignments of the furnace. Changing the position is possible in just a few seconds.

The option is compatible with model Tube Furnace EVA / EVC.

Standard construction (horizontal)

The standard configuration for the MTF, CTF / TZF, STF, GHA / GHCEHA / EHC and horizontal tube furnaces is for the furnace body to be mounted directly onto a control module.

Blanked base

Other options are available at time of order. The furnace body can be mounted on a ‘blanked base’ linked via a 2 or 6 metre power conduit to a separate control module.

L-stand: Vertical or horizontal use

The furnace body can be supplied mounted on a separate ‘L’ stand which allows it to be freely positioned separately from the control module in either a horizontal or vertical position. Note that different work tube mounting accessories may be required to change from horizontal to vertical operation, or vice versa.

Separated controls (no stand) or wall bracket

The furnace body may be supplied separately from the base and either completely without a stand or with a wall mounting bracket.

Stand for vertical G range tube furnaces

GVA / GVC tube furnaces are available with a complete ‘G’ pattern stand or optionally with just support rail portion of the stand (without the foot) with or without a wall mounting bracket.

  1. Horizontal tube support
  2. Wall bracket
  3. Foot
  4. Support system
  5. Body

Standard ‘near-hinge’ or optional ‘far-hinge’

HST / HZS split tube furnaces are optionally available for dual vertical and horizontal use mounted upon an ‘L’ stand.

Split tube furnaces from the KST and KZS ranges are designed for horizontal use. The KVT and KVZ models are designed for vertical use and are mounted upon an ‘L’ stand.

VST / TVS vertical split tube furnaces are similarly available without stands and in ‘far-hinge’ designs as an alternative to the standard ‘near-hinge’ configuration. The ‘far-hinge’ configuration opens wide to give easier access when using large work tubes or test pieces.


The standard configuration for the FHA / FHC, FST / FZS, HTRH / HTRH-3, HTRV and HTRV-A furnaces consist of a separate furnace body in a rectangular housing and a separate control box (upper picture).

HTRH and HTRV models need to be ordered in the preferred position and cannot be switched between vertical and horizontal position.

In case of the F range an optional separate ‘L’ stand allows it to be freely positioned in either a horizontal or vertical position (lower picture).