Rotary Furnace Range

Rotary furnaces are ideal for physicochemical processing.

The HTR rotary furnace is perfect for use in the laboratory. Developed in partnership with the Imperial College of Science & Technology in London, the furnace allows samples to be heated and mixed simultaneously in a controlled atmosphere. A flow meter calibrated for Nitrogen is provided as standard but on request (at time of order) single or multiple flow meters can be provided for various different gases.

The larger RHZS rotary furnace features three heating zones, an adjustable tilt, and work tube that can easily be removed and replaced. Ceramic or metal work tubes are available and both the HTR rotary furnace and the RHZS rotary furnace can be supplied with feeders and inert gas packages.

Rotary Furnace Details

The Carbolite Gero rotary furnace range has numerous applications in research areas such as material science and geology. Specific applications include gaseous reduction of ores and analysis of ores and metallurgical slags.

All of our ovens and furnaces provide excellent temperature uniformity and the rotary furnace range is no exception. The high quality resistance wire heating elements used in these models provide rapid heating (up to a maximum temperature of 1100°C for HTR furnace and 1150°C for the RHZS furnace) and short cool down times.

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