Vacuum Furnaces, Inert & Reactive Gas Furnaces up to 3000°C

The vacuum furnace range offered by Carbolite Gero includes vacuum chamber furnaces, vacuum hood furnaces, bottom loading furnaces, laboratory vacuum furnaces, and vacuum tube furnaces. Each furnace can be used with either a reactive gas or an inert gas. The majority of products in our vacuum furnace range are available with either metal, graphite, or ceramic insulation. On request, graphite models can be configured to safely operate at up to 3000°C.

Vacuum Furnace Options & Applications

Many different options are available for the vacuum furnaces range at the order stage, including advanced software, data loggers, and sophisticated digital controllers. These facilitate additional levels of control over the operation of the vacuum furnace and provide complete data recording capabilities. Furthermore in some cases different pumps, vacuum systems, and cooling systems can be provided in order to meet specific requirements.

All of our vacuum furnaces feature a robust construction and can provide rapid and highly consistent heating in a controlled atmosphere, making them ideal for numerous heavy duty industrial and laboratory applications.

Common applications of a vacuum furnace include brazing, sintering, annealing, degassing, drying, tempering, soldering, quenching, and hardening. A vacuum furnace can also be used for metal injection moulding (MIM) or ceramic inject moulding (CIM) as well as metallisation, siliconization, carbonisation, and other industrial processes.

Different vacuum furnaces will be best suited to different functions. Vacuum hood furnaces provide the highest possible purity while vacuum furnace models with bottom loading capabilities allow easy access to samples. Laboratory vacuum furnaces have a more compact design than other models, making them well suited for a research environment. Our vacuum tube furnaces include an upgraded version of our non-vacuum model and a purpose built vacuum furnace for use with Hydrogen.

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